Wedding in Cyprus

We really like to work in Cyprus. With this couple we had a lot of time for photo shooting. They both like to be photographed and they were very much comfortably during all day long. In addition, they listened to our advice and we had a photo session before the wedding ceremony and not after. Thus, after ceremony, the couple had more time to spend with their guests and simply enjoyed the evening. One of places for photo shooting was the Four Seasons Hotel Cyprus. On the one hand, it’s hard to take pictures in a huge hotel with a lot of people, on the other hand, we found secluded places and the photos turned out amazing. The shooting was followed by the outdoor wedding ceremony followed by the wedding reception at Dafermou Winery in Lefkar. After the cake, we managed to have newlyweds for a night photo shoot. It was a very engaging wedding with a whole bunch of emotions. We became very good friends with the guys and now we often meet in different parts of the world.