Frequently asked questions



  • How many photos will we get?

We are guided by the principle “less but the best”. The number of photographs depends on hours of coverage, amount of guests and the schedule of the day. You will get minimum 400 edited photos for wedding photo session and minimum 100 edited photos for engagement.


  • How long does it takes to get my photos?

The final edited photos will be ready in 2-4 months after your photo session.


  • Can we get photos faster?

Yes, photos can be done in two weeks at an additional cost. The cost depends on the type of shooting and began at $60. Please let us know if photos should be ready faster before the photo session day.


  • Can I have the RAW files? 

Yes, you can. To get RAW files you need to buy the copyright. We don't practice this much, so, please, request the cost in advance.


  • Do you only photograph weddings?

No, of course not! We provide engagement, family, maternity photography, we shoot private parties, such as birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah’s, sweet 16’s, christenings, holy communions and everything is related to the family. See examples of work in the Gallery. And also Contact us for more information!


  • I’d like to have a wedding boudoir photos. Do you shoot this kind of a photo sessions?

Yes of course. The beauty of the wedding in detail. And it would be wrong to leave such a piquant detail unattended. Let's discuss how you see it.


  • Do you shoot posed family photos? 

YES! Wedding is a celebration of a new family. This why we think family photos are one of the most important things at your wedding day. Few days before the wedding you receive a form with questions. You can provide a list of most priority groups of family members/friends you want us to shoot together with completed form.


  • What is an after-wedding photo session. Do I need it?

After-wedding photo session is an additional shooting day of a couple in wedding costumes. We always recommend taking a couple more hours the other day to get more portraits and artistic photos. Perhaps you always had a dream to do wedding photoshoot in romantic Paris or sinking Venice; maybe you want to fly to Iceland or visit beaches of Hawaii; or you simply have never been to Top The Rock in New York, but you always liked wedding photos from this rooftop. Lately we start to recommend our couples even to refuse a park photo session part on the wedding day and have it on a separate day without rushing. This will help to avoid unnecessary moving on a wedding day, have a longer getting ready part and bridal party, spend more time with family and friends at a cocktail and most importantly not to be late anywhere. We are open to any possibilities, and we hope that you too. You can see many examples of such photo sessions in the Gallery.


  • Can I consult with you regarding the shooting process?

Surely yes! We will be delight to become your helper. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to make your wedding photo session goes smooth on the day X from the very beginning. We can choose in advance the best locations for shooting, plan the route, allocate the hours of shooting correctly, decide what points should be given more time and so on. We understand it’s your first time planning wedding, but we already have a lot of experience and ready to share it with you. Let’s make this day unique and unforgettable together!


  • Do you travel? Do you charge to travel?

Yes, sure we travel.  Anywhere you go we’ll be there for you ;)

We provide wedding photography worldwide. We ask for additional coverage for travel expenses if it is outside of Europe. Within Europe, we have same price regardless of the country.