Hanna Krasilnikova

Your wedding photographer in Italy

Hello! My name is Hanna, I am a destination wedding photographer. I have been working in the wedding industry for over 10 years. My journey began with the role of a wedding assistant in the first and one of the largest wedding agencies in Ukraine, MARY wedding agency. As part of the agency team, I gained experience working on different sized weddings, grand event projects and also international weddings held in Europe. When I went to work as a manager at Dmytro Sobokar’s studio, I fell in love with wedding photography, so I completed training and became one of the studio’s main photographers. I work both as the main photographer on personal projects and as an assistant photographer with Dmytro. I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and be part of one of the most important days in people's lives. Having experience as a wedding planner, I clearly understand the couple’s expectations and wishes, which on my opinion is a great advantage of our team.

I'll be glad to meet you.

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