Love is an ultimate goal of life
Photography is like an ocean breeze
among its sequence timeline


I am happy to see you on my website. My name is Dmytro Sobokar and I'm a professional wedding photographer. 

I have come a long way since I attended art school during my childhood where I gained a basic experience with unique and colorful vision quest, light and shade techniques. Now I am a professional photographer with a taste for the exceptional. My mission is to combine love for the beauty with an avant-garde thinking. In my works, I make an emphasis on individual style and special atmosphere, on geometry and light. I'd say I have three passions in my life, which make my professional career a complete success and an abundant source of energy and inspiration. Three passions are the art of photography, happy and sincere emotions and weddings.

What a photography means to me? It is an opportunity to stop a moment of time . . . to capture a sincere emotion, minutes of happiness, infatuation and tenderness . . .  moments of appreciation, affection and respect . . .  feeling and awareness of love. . .  I try to translate these unforgettable emotions in each of my work as after a while a good photography revives in our memory the deepest and kindest emotions that were once forgotten.

I think that a professional photographer should be a high-level director who is able to create an emotion and action within one shot so that a picture becomes natural and lively. I thoroughly pick up the spots and angles so that the light is beautifully set.

I also think that a wedding photographer should become a friend to customers who creates a comfortable atmosphere during a session. I meet the couples long before the session, I talk to them, ask about their interests and hobbies and the couples trust me to archive the most important moments in their lives. Arranged meetings give me inspiration to understand the couples better and search the harmony in my art for them to appear sincere on pictures.

I am based in Italy now but I am open to the world, people and everything, surrounding me. And therefore, I will be glad to join your wedding anywhere in the Europe or worldwide. Let's chat right away!

International Awards and membership:


NYC Exhibition Contest, 2018 - FIAP Gold

Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria, 2017 – Gold, Silver

Monochrome Photography Awards, 2016 - 1st Prize

Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria, 2016 – Gold
International Exhibition of Art Photography, Serbia, 2016 - FIAP Gold
Love Story, Russia, 2016 - PSA Gold, FIAP Gold, FIAP Ribbon
OAFF Photo Award, Czech Pepublic, 2016 - CFFU Silver
Al-thani award for photography, Qatar, Doha, 2015 - FIAP Gold
Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria, 2014 – FIAP Gold
Photo Art Championship, Austria, 2013 – FIAP Bronze
Member of WPO
Member of ISPWP, Top 100 photographers 2017
Member of ASIA WPA
Member of MYWED

Local awards and membership:
Top 100 photographers in Europe
Best Wedding Photographer, Ukraine, 2014 – Gold
Best Wedding Photographer, Ukraine, 2013 - Gold
Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Ukraine
Member of NSPAU (National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine)
18 exhibitions, including 6 personal exhibition