Wedding in black and white

We consider ourselves rightfully called permanent members of this family’s occasions. We photographed the wedding of the groom's sister, after that we filmed the sister's maternity shoot, his parents anniversary, and now another wonderful and tender event - the wedding of youngest son. The family is big, there are many friends, everyone loves each other very much. Nowadays it is quite rear to see everyone cried at the ceremony. And this time that was not only guests and newlyweds who cried but also the host and us. This couple is just so sincere. Of course, we shot the wedding in color, but as with all other photo shoots, we make a selection of photographs retouched in black and white, and for ourselves in our portfolio, we put up exactly that. We really love black and white photographs. They convey the essence and emotions without unnecessary colors. But there are also couples who order the entire photoshooting in black and white.